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Enlightened Consumerism The Promise of Ecotourism Gray Whale Facts
Enlightened Consumerism

Enlightened Consumerism

In an era of rampant consumerism, we are too often interested in short-term, not long-term gains. All of us who live on planet Earth will benefit from protecting the ecosystem. This is the continuing mission of Pax Terra. We are committed to promoting and implementing sustainable ecotourism worldwide to ensure that future generations will find [...]

The Promise of Ecotourism

The Promise of Ecotourism

Save the Whales Again may be an international battle cry, but the movement to save the gray whales that migrate to Mexico is practical and urgent. Their yearly journeys to the coast of Baja California, once thought to have been made safe, are becoming dangerous once more, despite the gray whales recent (1995) status as [...]

Gray Whale Facts

Gray Whale Facts

To understand the importance of the gray whale, there are a few whale facts we need to know. Whale facts are in short supply among the general population, most of whom have probably learned all they know about whales from the Save the Whales news stories or Disney cartoons. Among the endangered whales of the [...]

Pax Terra: Improving Models for Social Change One Community at a Time

Environmental policy is slow to change and is often tied to factors that are seldom addressed. When governments, multinational corporations, and other major players are involved, they bring  an institutional bias to local situations that can make meaningful progress difficult or even impossible. The top-down, agenda-driven solutions they offer often pay lip service to changing lives in the communities they serve but they seldom make a difference in the long run. Administrative costs, making deals with developers, political considerations, corruption, and a host of other obstacles can keep the kinds of social enterprises that would actually benefit the people of the communities from ever really getting off the ground.

Pax Terra offers a new model of how the old system can be replaced by one that  bring communities together to create and sustain themselves and the environment, using the tools of enlightened capitalism–from sustainable ecotourism and ecosystem management to building cottage industries and cooperatives that will change to the rules of the economic game forever.

The Pax Terra Way

If the Pax Terra model is followed, there is no place for large, ineffective, and wasteful international bureaucracies to stifle change to control the future of a community. Smaller, efficiently run, and quick to respond organizations will act to make meaningful change by taking action rather than by merely issuing statements  motivated by political considerations, self-promotion, or hidden profits. They will be effective in promoting and implementing real solutions to serious environmental and social problems in ways the old, top-down systems never can.

The Pax Terra Model

Pax Terra is creating a unique business model that uses a patented internet service control engine to generate revenue for distribution to participating communities.  Our model was conscientiously designed for this purpose under the guidance of internationally respected resource allocation experts. Our officers have presented marketing and promotional workshops to many nonprofits and NGOs, sharing innovative on-line marketing and promotional strategies to make effective use of advertising and outreach to prospective sponsors.

For example, We work with local and national ecotourism groups to introduce new and more effective advertising campaigns that will attract “ecotourists” to Mexico, which will contribute to the stability needed to sustain the economy. What we achieve in the Baja region of Mexico will serve as an example of what can be done worldwide.

We provide for public education through www.pax-terra.org, which explains the business tools we are using and how they relate to the promotion of financial opportunities and sustainable resources that will ensure the future sustainability of the Magdalena Bay ecosystem and the economic success of the region for all of its people.

Pax Terra. Real solutions to real problems.

Pax Terra

Christmas Letter

Pax Terra Christmas Letter

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