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Enlightened Consumerism

In an era of rampant consumerism, we are too often interested in short-term, not long-term gains. All of us who live on planet Earth will benefit from protecting the ecosystem. This is the continuing mission of Pax Terra. We are committed to promoting and implementing sustainable ecotourism worldwide to ensure that future generations will find the Earth a good place to live and work.

The Magdalena Bay project is one of our most important efforts in supporting the long-term goal of creating a new form of enlightened consumerism that will benefit the ecosystem in one particular place to serve as an example of what might be done elsewhere. R. Buckminster Fuller called our planet Spaceship Earth. We are all passengers and crew. We have a stake in maintaining our ship and keeping it in good repair.

The gray whale is a creature that that can be the focus of a new effort to create an ecotourism industry that will allow residents of Baja’s coastal area to do well by doing good. The region’s ecosystem will be preserved and all of us will benefit.

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