Making a profit is a good thing. But so is whale migration. It is hard to imagine a modern state achieving much in the way of material abundance for its citizens without a system that allows people to make enough money to ensure a better life. Sometimes this can be difficult, but it is on balance a good thing to strive for. While hunting migration whales is a hazard to the economy in the long term, providing gray whale information and promoting the gray whale watching season will encourage ecotourism.

When resources are scarce, the larger needs of society, including whale conservation, must also be considered. It is Pax Terra’s mission to help fundamentally shift the understanding of the relationship between profit-taking and sustaining the natural environment worldwide. Taking profit without conscience, we believe, destroys the local economies. We propose that if the needs of a particular region and indeed of the earth itself are not brought into balance, we will condemn humankind to a life of misery—without hope for future generations. Our vision is the opposite of Steven Hawking’s “man must leave earth” stance. We believe it is the responsibility of all of the Earth’s inhabitants to make this planet a better place to live. Our work is intended to provide an example of how taking the proper steps can help achieve this goal.