Harry Geil

harryIt is an honor and pleasure for me to write the introduction for my business partner Harry Geil, CEO of Pax Terra, LLC. He and I met during our separate, personal quests into the future, both having experienced living in the same coastal area and admitting to many of the same frustrations. A “centimeter of chance” brought us together, but it was a shared passion for “change” that maintained our relationship. Eventually, it was the love and energy of the process itself that sustained us.

Harry has been “chasing 0’s and 1’s” (binary code) for over 15 years, in an industry where merely standing still will leave you, professionally, in the dust. He has been a pathfinder for others to follow, but has always taken the time to uplift and empower them during the process; taking them along for the shire pleasure of shared knowledge and energy. Well ahead of his time, Harry has not always found understanding among his peers and along the way he has sacrificed much of life’s simple pleasures in order to maintain his focus and integrity on the “prize”; providing seamless Internet digital services and avenues of sustainable revenue, toward the betterment of communities and their environmental resources.

Together, we have united our interests in the preservation of global ecosystems and their intertwined communities, with the inherent service abilities of the global Internet community and web marketplace. By using a unique business model, Harry has demonstrated the ability and power of reaching out to the global community, directing attention to a specific problem and, using this community, engaging them in the possible solutions, during real time. Through both conventional and patented promotional and marketing strategies, Harry has empowered communities with the ability to generate and maintain sustainable revenue, making possible the management of surrounding economic and environmental resources. I credit him largely with the conception of economic “abundance” versus “scarcity” theory, working from the premise of “compassion”, rather than “competition” in determining the redistributing of resources within the world community. He is, without a doubt, my favorite superhero! I forgive him for being German… well, almost. I’m stuck with two of them!

For a complete professional resume and achievements please click here.

Harry Geil, CEO Pax Terra