About Us

Pax Terra was founded to help preserve one of the world’s most important ecosystems: the habitat for marine life at Magdalena Bay in Baja California in Mexico. We engage local, state, and national organizations that share our investment in the future well-being and commercial sustainability of the Magdalena Bay complex. We meet regularly with members of the local fishing cooperative to foster a sense of solidarity by joining forces with them to prevent the potential loss of fishing concessions surrounding the bay, which are threatened by an inability to met lease payments.

Pax Terra also teams with the local School for Field Studies as well as resource management consultants to compile the research data needed to build management systems appropriate to environmental sustainability projects for the surrounding ecosystem. We have affiliated with San Diego University School of Business to generate interest in conducting coursework related to the unique business model we are developing.

We are closely involved with local and national promotional events that target preservation and awareness issues related to the bay, including World Environment Day, the annual Tortuga festival in late summer, and the Gray Whale festival held in the early spring.

Pax Terra is creating a unique business model that uses a patented internet service control engine to generate revenue for distribution through the newly established Mexico non-profit BRUMMA A.C., which was designed for this purpose under the guidance of resource allocation experts. Our officers have presented marketing and promotional workshops to other non-profits, sharing innovative online marketing and promotional strategies to make effective use of advertising and reach to prospective sponsors. We work with local and national ecotourism groups in both Mexico and the US to introduce new and more effective advertising campaigns that will attract visitors to Mexico, which will contribute to economic stability.

We are currently conducting town meetings in the Magdalena Bay Area to provide opportunities for engagement among the locals and to gather responses and suggestions for further advancement of the community’s needs. We have heightened educational awareness for the project within the public school system by inviting student participation, as well as providing for public education through our website (www.pax-terra.org), which explains the business tools we are using and how they relate to the promotion of financial opportunities and sustainable resources to ensure the future sustainability of the Magdalena Bay ecosystem.